Experience loft style.

Across 300 metres B:HUB proves its special architectural quality.

Depending on the viewpoint and the way the light falls, the building shows a different face. An impression that’s strengthened by the plasticity of the facade made of exposed concrete and white ceramic elements.

B:HUB is inspired by authentic loft architecture. The building is a striking eye-catcher and has an independent landmark character with a radiance reaching far beyond its surroundings.

We are pleased to have secured the Berlin-based architectural practice Barkow Leibinger for the realisation of B:HUB, who have won multiple international awards for previous projects.

For 25 years, the German-American practice has been spearheading countless projects nationally and internationally. The spectrum includes public structures, office spaces as well as residential and commercial projects.

A further focus is the exploration of innovative materials and manufacturing technology. The architectural practice has been crowned with multiple national and international architectural prizes in the last few years and is one of the top addresses in innovative building projects.

Rhythm & Proportions

Regine Leibinger and Frank Barkow on the architectural concept behind B:HUB

It’s an ambitious task to design a nearly 300-metre long building, so that it harmoniously fits into the cityscape.

To give B.HUB its own rhythm and scale the volume is folded, accordian-like, into a series of gently zig-zagging surfaces. Terraces, balconies and loggias are integrated into the building’s volume at these folds. On each end of the bar the plan expands toward the city and widens and at the Rummelsburger Bay end, a nine-story tower extension accentuates the building.

Typical of our work, facades are developed as spatial layers formed with sculptural depth. The elevations of B:HUB are rhythmically organised by a grid of vertical and horizontal frames infilled with sills of white fluted. Two facade layouts are intended to further differentiate the building The pilaster strips are dressed in white, fluted terracotta, the horizontal bands are of prefabricated exposed concrete.

Large floor depths, high ceilings and exposed utilities characterize the loft-like and flexible nature of this ground breaking building.


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